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Statistics About Salt Spring Island


With approximately 10,000 Islanders, Salt Spring Island is the most populous and the most frequently visited of the Southern Gulf Islands


Area: 182.7km2 (70.5 square miles)
Highest Point: Bruce Peak at 709 meters (2,326 feet) above sea level


Off the Southwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. Salt Spring Island lies between Mainland B.C. and Vancouver Island to the west. (48° lat., 123.5° long.)


Our climate is envied by the rest of the country. We boast a moderate, sunny climate where seasons blend together almost imperceptibly. Fall rains announce the approach  of a winter that usually stays above the freezing level. Snowfalls are rare, and are beautifully clean, pristine and very short-lived when they do occur.

Salt Spring is in the Canadian 'Banana Belt' with a moderate, sunny climate, and yes, we do grow bananas here. Plenty of sunshine, and approximately 36 inches. of rainfall per year. The island is a haven for year-round gardeners.

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